Personal Safety and Conflict Management eLearning 

Maybo conflict management and personal safety eLearning programs use modern imagery, realistic scenarios and interactive exercises that utilise a mix of learning styles to offer a real alternative to face to face courses at awareness level.

eLearning can play a valuable role within a blended learning strategy or provide a complete solution for developing staff abilities in managing conflict. It also works well for induction, refresher and as pre-learning for a skills workshop.

Maybo's eLearning programs provide high quality and flexibility at an affordable price and can include a management system to track and monitor learners' progress.

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Maybo's conflict management eLearning program

The Maybo Personal Safety and Conflict Awareness eLearning program includes five core modules: 

  • Recognize and reduce risk
  • Understand human behavior
  • Positive interactions and choices
  • Defuse, calm and resolve
  • Personal safety awareness

A specialist sixth module for  Lone Workers is also available.

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