Conflict Management Training for Passenger Transport Staff

"Maybo’s courses give customer facing staff workable tools to deal with difficult situations”

Maybo conflict management training equips staff with the knowledge and skills to create a positive and safer outcome to difficult and challenging interactions, whilst providing excellent customer service to all passengers, including potentially vulnerable and sometimes challenging individuals. 

Transport operators benefit from our specialist conflict management and physical intervention training and we also offer guidance on violence risk reduction policy, risk assessment and control measures.

Conflict can often avoided by delivering a good standard of service and positive communication. Maybo training builds awareness, knowledge, skills and confidence to enable staff to more safely and positively handle dissatisfied, angry or vulnerable customers and intimidating or disruptive individuals and group.

Flexible, cost effective training

Training from Maybo by Mandt is tailored to be relevant to the situations your staff face in their day to day work, based on a training needs analysis. The issues faced by customer facing staff at ticket points will be different to those encountered by station and on-board teams and revenue protection staff. Our range of delivery methods enables us to provide a blended learning approach which gives the flexibility transport services need to deliver and support learning within operational and budget constraints.

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