Conflict Management and Physical Intervention Training for Retail, Leisure and Hospitality Workers

"The course was really well-received. The risk managers left with new ideas for providing safer environments and improved incident support techniques."

We can help you make sure you have effective workplace violence policies and controls in place and provide conflict management training that safeguards staff by giving them the awareness and skills they need for their specific role.

Conflict management and physical intervention solutions 

Most conflict can be avoided or defused through good customer service and positive communication skills, however personal safety risks are greater in some environments, especially where there is theft by or from customers. Alcohol is also a common factor in disruptive behavior and assaults. Staff exposed to these greater risks such as supervisors, managers and security benefit from additional training in physical interventions or conflict incident response training.

Blended conflict management solutions to maximize your budget 

Our blended learning options enable you to get the most from your budget. eLearning, self-study workbooks and work based coaching tools can be used for induction, pre-course study and refreshing learning, with face to face workshops to develop higher level skills specific to the level of risk staff face at work.

Bespoke Maybo programs have been successfully developed for customer facing teams and managers at Starbucks, McDonalds and KFC.


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