Personal Safety and Lone Worker Training for Public Sector and Housing Staff

Match training to risks faced 

Maybo's conflict management, personal safety and lone worker training provides an effective solution to conflict at work, giving you peace of mind that your staff have been given the skills and knowledge to manage challenging situations more safely.

Maybo programs are designed to be relevant to the situations your staff face in their day to day work. Maybo by Mandt will conduct a thorough training needs analysis to identify the conflict situations and level of risk staff face. Maybo program content is tailored, based on the needs analysis and will include scenarios that reflect the issues staff need to solve so they learn only the skills they are likely to need to use.

As well as training, we can assist with comprehensive organizational reviews of work related violence risks and help your organization with workplace violence risk policy and management.

As a subject specialist, Maybo by Mandt is in a unique position to help you to deliver a consistent approach to violence reduction whilst offering the flexibility to meet role and service specific needs.

Blended conflict management solutions to maximize your budget

Increasing financial and operational constraints make our blended learning options attractive and competitive. They enable us to help you to get the most from your budget. Self study options and work based coaching tools can be used for induction, pre-course study and refreshing learning, with face to face workshops to help staff develop higher level skills specific to the level of risk they face at work.

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