Bespoke conflict management and physical intervention training for your sector

Workplace violence has consistently been found to be the fastest growing health and safety concern and ranked as one of the top five workplace hazards. Conflict and violence have serious consequences for employees, customers and employers in every sector, but the risks and effects of conflict can be significantly reduced through effective organizational strategies and carefully designed staff training.

Maybo By Mandt provides North American employers with access to the leading conflict management training program in Europe and Australia, Maybo, delivered and supported by the well established USA behavior training experts, The Mandt System.


Reducing conflict – Reducing the risks 

Conflict can often be seen as an inevitable reality of day to day life. However, the majority of incidents can be prevented. Our approach focuses on proactive measures that can be taken at organizational and operational levels to minimize the risk of conflict occurring in the first place.

By understanding the potential causes of conflict, action can be taken to reduce the frequency and severity of such situations. Organizations can make simple adjustments to policies and procedures, and staff can take proactive action to defuse situations before they escalate. Our models and learning methods integrate primary and secondary strategies for preventing and defusing conflict and through simple and engaging methods that work for staff in their specific roles and working environment.  

Match training to risks faced 

Training is a vital ingredient needed to improve service quality and to reduce risks to customers, staff and the organization itself. However, if training is to make a real difference it must be relevant, flexible, affordable and based on principles that promote organizational policies and values. We work closely with employers to establish the optimum training solution for them and their staff, ensuring staff get the level of training they need based on the risks they face, the role they perform and the context in which they work.

Maybo by Mandt supports teams in organizations across different sectors, large and small. We therefore understand the diverse nature of work undertaken and the risks faced by staff. Our support ranges from comprehensive organizational reviews of policy, risk management and training needs analysis, to the design and delivery of highly effective conflict management and physical intervention training.


Flexible, effective and affordable conflict management and physical intervention training solutions 

Increasing financial and operational constraints make our blended learning options attractive and competitive, providing you with great flexibility and helping you to get the most from your budget. Self-study options and work based coaching tools can be used for induction, pre-course study and refresher inputs, with face to face workshops helping staff develop higher level skills and understanding specific to their role.

We help our clients make sure they have effective policies and controls in place and a training strategy that safeguards staff by giving them the awareness and skills they need for their specific role. Supervisors, managers and specialist functions benefit from additional training modules, such as post incident and lone working training.


Maybo conflict management and physical intervention accreditations 

Maybo Training has achieved a number of accreditations and endorsements for it's results in this high risk area. You can be confident that you are providing your staff with highly credible, effective and relevant conflict management and physical intervention training that will significantly reduce the risks and consequences of conflict and violence in their workplace.


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