Creating a SAFER Campus Environment

'Maybo conflict management training is now a key component of staff induction and development. It has proven to be a significant and complementary addition to our customer care ethos.' 

Maintaining the safety and security of students, staff, members of the public and property across an expansive college site or university campus calls for well trained staff, able to deliver a consistent and professional response to conflict situations.

The Maybo by Mandt team is experienced in delivering conflict management and personal safety training which has proven to be effective in reducing the risks of conflict and aggression for teaching staff, students, security teams, event managers and facilities teams. Using the same model across functions creates consistency of knowledge, skills and strategies and enables seamless and more effective communication between departments and staff to create a safer campus environment.

Our programs are tailored to address the specific risks your staff face and our range of delivery options allows flexibility to reduce the impact of training on operations and resources whilst maximizing effectiveness and value for money.

Our violence reduction strategies and training solutions contribute in four key areas:

Estates and facilities

Halls of residence and facilities staff benefit from our positive communication and support strategies which help staff to manage emotive and challenging behaviors between members of the public, students and staff.

Security teams

Our conflict management and physical intervention training equips in-house and outsourced security teams with effective risk reductions strategies to respond professionally to incidents on campus.

Students and staff

Professional services and academic staff gain skills and confidence from our personal safety training which helps individuals to calm and defuse conflict situations more safely. We can include lone worker training and knowledge to enable staff to recognize and respond appropriately when an individual may have underlying mental health difficulties.

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