About Us

Maybo By Mandt provides North American employers with access to the leading conflict management training program in Europe and Australia, Maybo, delivered and supported by the well established USA behavior training experts, The Mandt System.

Key leaders at The Mandt System have worked and collaborated with Maybo leadership over a number of years on key initiatives designed to drive forward better practice and standards in the field of reducing workplace violence. Building on a mutual respect and values approach that underpins all we do, the Maybo By Mandt offering is a logical progression in that relationship.

We believe that the Maybo product and service offerings represent the single best set of service solutions for the sectors for which they have been designed. This coupled to an exceptional e-learning platform have changed how many business in the European Union and Australia are supporting their employees in the provision of workplace learning and development in this complex and high risk subject.

With a proven history of 40 plus years creating healthier workplace relationships in the Healthcare, Education and Human Service’s field we have, until now, not seen a program for the Retail, Security, Transport & Hospitality sectors that come close to offering the range, depth and flexibility of the Maybo SAFERwork® program.

Owner and President of The Mandt System, Kevin Mandt says “I am thrilled with this opportunity, it has allowed us to enter into a whole new sector without comprising our values. Maybo is a perfect fit, we both believe that all people have the right to safety”.

The position and reputation of The Mandt System in the United States, coupled to the working experiences we have shared with Mandt over the years have made this partnerships a logical and easy blend says Maybo owner and Chairman, Bill Fox; ‘I am delighted that corporations in the US are, through Maybo By Mandt going to be able to access the same quality of training, online learning and support that are available and used by a significant client base in the UK, Europe and Australia.